About us

Rivada Networks is a leading designer, integrator and operator of wireless, interoperable public safety communications networks. We provide advanced communications solutions to the public safety community at local, state and federal levels.

Introduction from the CEO

Rivada Networks' technologies enable public safety agencies to retain absolute control over their own dedicated broadband networks, while enabling the generation of valuable revenues from unused capacity, when available. Following the events of 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina, Congress allocated dedicated radio spectrum in the 700 Mhz band, to US public safety. The legislation allows for non-priority access to the spectrum for competitive commercial users.

Rivada’s core technology, Dynamic Spectrum Arbitrage Tiered Priority Access (DSATPA) works out to the very edge of the network, allowing public safety absolute priority access with instant (millisecond) pre-emption in the event of an emergency situation – thus guaranteeing first responders access to the highest quality bandwidth capacity at the moment they need it most. Meanwhile, in the extended periods of time when the public safety broadband network has significant extra bandwidth to spare, DSATPA allows that capacity to be dynamically auctioned in a fully competitive 'on demand' process to competing commercial entities – providing more choice and availability to industry and consumers while generating essential revenue for the public safety mission. DSATPA is a game changer for the way in which spectrum is consumed, maximising the efficiency of the radio spectrum bandwidth resource and unlocking the potential for more extensive high capacity broadband networks.

Rivada has served public safety for a decade, helping to meet their unique and critical communications challenges. Our work has been recognised for helping to save lives during times of severe crisis, such as Hurricane Katrina and multiple other emergencies and disasters. Our commitment to helping the men and women who stand on the front lines of emergency situations is absolute, and our dedicated team of innovators work tirelessly to bring their unparalleled expertise to the task.

Declan J. Ganley
CEO, Rivada Networks